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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I become mod/admin?
A: Absolutely not. We will never hire any more Administrators. As for Moderators, we won't hire people asking/begging to be one. The admins will keep an eye on active people and contact them if we want to hire them.

Q: Can you make me a server?
A: We're sorry but no. We're all having our hands full with Last Moon. Questions regarding this will not be answered. We also won't host your server.

Q: Where do I find the game download?
A: There's a link at the very top of this website that says 'Download', there's also a link on the Home page and there's also a section on the forum called 'Game Download'.

Q: I can't find the prey/items I need to complete my quest, where can I find them?
A: You can ask people around the game if they know where things are, a guide for quests with this information will be made shortly.

Q: What are Diamond and Ruby medals used for?
A: Diamond Medals are used to buy custom/private content like items and prey just for you to have and use. Search the forum for the Medal Trading thread for more information. Ruby Medals are one of LMs most special currency, you can only get Ruby Medals from admins by taking part in contests/events. Very rarely you'll be able to get a Ruby Medal from quests.

Q: The Item Buyer NPC is a rip off! Can I ask an admin to give me medals for my items?
A: No. The Item Buyer NPC has low prices since buy-backs are disencouraged. Admins will not give you medals for your items.

Q: I see a bug/problem in the game that I can fix! Can I fix it and send the fix to an admin?
A: Editting game files is a big no, you will need to contact an Administrator and ask them if you can fix/edit something.

Q: I can't open the game, what do I do?
A: Check this thread out Can't Run Your Game? Look here!.

Q: Will all game accounts be restarted when Last Moon goes out of Beta??
A: 50% chance this will happen as we have huge plans about the full release in early 2014..


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